How to Apply for Help from the Fund

Application for regular payments may be made on the form below, which may be downloaded or obtained from the Secretary. The form, which is dealt with in complete confidence, should be countersigned by the Secretary of the applicant’s local organists’ association. To find the local Secretary, click on to the IAO Website and follow the links to the Local Associations page. The Secretary will forward the completed form to the IAOBF Secretary.

Application form for financial assistance

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There is a separate form for applications for grants. These may be given for specific purchases or to help to pay for pipe organ tuition. The latter are usually given to young organists whose parents are, for whatever reason, unable to afford the tuition fees. It should be noted, however, that the parents or the student must fulfil the membership qualification described on the form.

Application for financial assistance towards the cost of Pipe Organ Tuition

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Applications should be submitted by 31st March for consideration at the Trustees’ Annual Meeting, held in May of each year. In urgent cases, the Secretary may obtain approval at other times.